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48VDC 120Watt(2.5A) DIN Rail High Temp Power Supply

[PS-DRA120-48A] 48VDC 120Watt(2.5A) DIN Rail High Temp Power Supply

ComNetTM model PS48VDC-5A is a high-quality, low-noise switching mode power supply ideally suited to those applications requiring POE (Power Over Ethernet). This rugged unit may be either DIN-rail or shelf-mounted, providing an identical mounting configuration to the mating POE switch. Up to 10 POE field devices may be powered from a single supply, and the high output current capacity provides an adequate safety margin. The wide ambient operating temperature range permits installation in most out-of-plant and unconditioned environments, such as those found in intelligent transportation systems or factory automation/industrial control applications. Unconditional line and load protection is provided.


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